Project Roshni’s current focus is to raise funds to satisfy the electricity needs of Prajwala’s shelter in Hyderabad through Solar Energy. The purpose of going Solar is to reduce huge electricity power bills. Savings from electricity bills shall be diverted to carry on Prajwala’s mission of preventing women and children from getting into sex trafficking.

Reason for Huge Electricity Bill:

  • The power bill is about approximately $1500 per month
  • Majority of this consumption is from running pumps to move water from : Borewell −> Ground level sump −> Overhead Tank
  • Besides this umpteen fans, lights in each room and in common areas
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Security room and security boundary lighting

Solar Project is divided in three phases:

  • 3 Solar Water pumps, Each 5 HP
  • 17 KWp PV System to light up the Shelter including: Security room, 24 hour power , cameras / computers, lights, fans etc.
  • 500 LPD Solar Water Heater @ Clinic

PRAJWALA's NEW SHELTER - Tukkuguda, Hyderabad

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