About Us

We are Project Roshni. ‘Roshni’ means light in Sanskrit and we want to light up the lives of millions of women and young children whose innocent souls have been forcibly amputated by the scourge of sexual trafficking.

Project Roshni was formed in the Bay Area, CA as an independent support group of Prajwala – an anti-trafficing non-profit organization run by Dr. Sunita Krishnan in India. Prajwala believes in making active efforts towards preventing the entry of women and children into prostitution, which is by far the worst form of human slavery. So far Prajwala has rescued more than 8500 women and kids from sex trafficking and is working on the prevention, rescue, rehabilitation and social integration of these victims. Please see www.prajwalaindia.com to know more about Prajwala.

Learn more about Dr. Sunitha Krishnan (Founder of Prajwala)

As “Friends of Prajwala” we conduct regular awareness events about the evils of sex trafficking and also help in raising funds for Prajwala. Our current focus is to raise funds for Prajwala’s Solar project that will help reduce their huge recurring electricity bill of their shelter. Click here to read more about the Solar Project.

Our Logo

The team of Project Roshni conducted a small Logo Design contest with Prajwala's mainstream students, 7th, 8th and 9th grades, about "spreading the light" concept. They used string, crayons, markers, natural flower dye and construction paper as mediums and came up with few art works posted on the website. Our team selected “Sun” art work with an interpretation of Sun denoting the Happy Face, the black patch denoting the abuse-torment, the red color denoting the veil on the face of the protagonist/or the face. Since the veil covers the face, the face watches the world outside with one eye seeing a ray of hope.


  • Transform communities by inspiring them to open their minds and raise their voice against any form of sexual exploitation.
  • Educate people about sex trafficking and motivate them to rehabilitate victims in main stream communities.
  • Aid rehabilitation of sexually abused women and children through volunteer work and donations from corporations/individuals.
  • Facilitate projects that minimize cost of rehabilitation programs.


  • An innocent childhood and a life of choice for everyone.
  • Communities with zero tolerance against atrocities on women and children.
  • A life free of sexual exploitation.
  • A world free of sex trafficking.